Pupdates with Scott Mills & Steve Mann

Welcome to Pupdates!

Ep.1 Finding The Perfect Dog For You

Ep.2 Pre-Puppy Panic

Ep.3 The First Day and Night

Ep.4 Toilet Training

Ep.5 Pup Priorities: What To Do & When

Ep.6 Socialising in New Places & Environments

Ep.7 Socialisation With People

Ep.8 Teething & Chewing

Ep.9 Teaching Focus

Ep.10 If Your Dog Could Talk, What Would You Ask Them?

Ep.11 Play Biting

Ep.12 Socialisation With Other Dogs

Ep.13 Vicky Pattison’s Puppy Problems

Ep.14 What Does “No” Mean?

Ep.15 Adopting A Rescue Dog

Ep.16 Puppy Development Stages

Ep.17 Teaching “Come”

Ep.18 Your Dog’s Body Language Pt.1

Ep.19 Your Dog’s Body Language Pt.2

Ep.20 How To Deal With Weird Dog People