Despite his youthful looks Steve Mann is a dog trainer with over 30 years’ experience.
As Founder of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, which is the largest registered education and membership body in the world for dog trainers and behaviourists, Steve has taught dog training professionals throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, the Middle East and China.
(At this stage, I’m guessing you know it’s me writing this so I’ll drop the 3rd party ‘Steve this..’ and Steve that..’, like I’m some important celebrity or awards presenter about to introduce myself onto the stage…!)
Although I really appreciate the opportunity to travel in my work, my motivation has always been to try and help as many dogs and owners as possible.

As the dog obsessive boy I continue to be, I first went to my local dog training club as a kid without a dog. On the weeks I was lucky enough to borrow a dog from a neighbour (or the street) to bring along to training classes, it was all about helping that one dog live a happier life.
Then I started to assist, then teach at the club, in order to reach and help more dogs. But that wasn’t enough, so…
…I started my own club, then another, then another, to reach more dogs. But that wasn’t enough, so….
…I started to teach other dog trainers, which lead to the foundation of The IMDT, so I could teach thousands of Trainers to reach thousands more dogs but that wasn’t enough, so….
…I started to present courses and seminars in other countries, so we could reach dogs and owners overseas but guess what, that wasn’t enough, so….
…I only went and started writing books, get me! I wrote and released Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy in February 2019 and from release date to now, it’s been the number one best-selling dog book in the UK, by a mile! Unlucky Millan!

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy was followed by it’s older siblings Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy and Easy Peasy Doggy Diary, books dedicated to positive dog training and making the world better for owners and dogs.
I’m really excited to announce my Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome Dog Training For Kids book which is due for release July 2021. It’s exactly the book I wish I had available to me ( to the tune of ‘I believe that children are the future..’) when I was a kid.
 It’s all stemmed from trying to help that one dog live a happier life.
I’ve been lucky to do a lot of positive dog training on TV, I’ve just released a puppy training podcast with Radio 1 DJ & all-round good guy Scott Mills, I’ve trained some super-duper celebrities with their pups and I’ve recently ‘signed on the dotted line’ to write a couple more dog training books.
Do you know what though, it’s not going to be enough is it?
So I’ll keep on plugging away, trying to help more dogs, and loving every second of it!