I’ve been super lucky to spread the culture of positive dog training on several TV shows, plus I get to have my make-up done for free. WIN!

The Underdog Show BBC & Living  Winning Dog Trainer
BBC Breakfast BBC Dog Behaviour Expert
Pet Nation Sky One Dog Training Expert
Extreme Fears & Cures Sky One Dog (& Human!) Behaviour Expert
Dog (& Human!) Behaviour Expert Channel 4 Dog Training Expert
Loose Women ITV      Dog Training Expert
Gabby ITV Dog Behaviour Expert
Paul ’Grady Show Channel 4 Dog Training Expert
Braniac Sky Puppy Expert

In addition to TV, I love the opportunity to discuss ‘all things’ dog on Radio and throughout the National Press.

Radio guest ‘appearances’ include BBC Radio Two, Radio London and LBC

Steve on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ show, discussing puppy training tips


You’ve guessed it, Steve loves to get his noggin' on the googlebox, his voice on the radio and his prose in the papers so for all media enquiries please contact me HERE

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