Free Lessons

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In an effort to get as much positive dog training out to everyone as quickly as possible, I’ve teamed up with a couple of great dog kit providers to develop these lessons that you can take right now, for FREE!
Not only will you successfully learn the exercises I’ve developed to make you and your dog’s lives as easy as possible, but I’ve deliberately designed these lessons to address the issues that I know cause the most issues for owners everywhere!
These lessons are for puppies and dogs of all ages to help you have the best relationship possible, whilst promoting control, safety and FUN for your time spent together.
Over time I plan to add more and more lessons so you can build up your own library of go-to exercises for you and your dog to enjoy
Each lesson, brought to your for FREE includes a video tutorial, a quiz and your very own personalised certificate upon completion.
Take the lesson, pass the quiz, get your personalised certificate and enjoy your time with your dog as much as possible, knowing that you’ve taught them the most important exercises, the best way.